Interrogate Search Agent

The Interrogate search agent integrates with web browsers, to provide a simple user interface for searching files - either within web sites, or on disk or CD-ROM. It operates entirely on the local computer, removing any necessity for server-side scripting when searching pages on the World Wide Web.


Interrogate is entirely written in Java, allowing for portability to any supported platform. One program provides a consistent and intuitive interface, in-keeping with current GUIs on PC, Apple Macintosh, UNIX, Acorn, Amiga, and Atari machines.


The Interrogate applet can be transparently incorporated within an HTML page. Users of Java-enabled browsers are able to take advantage of the search facility, whilst those using older browsers view the page with no evidence of aspects not properly working.


Users of the Interrogate search agent can utilise a number of facilities to refine their searches. Prioritised searches place results in order, depending upon how well they match the search criteria. Further options for searching include stipulating that certain words must appear, case sensitivity and insensitivity, and searching for strings.

Depending upon the context in which the search agent will be used, it is possible to set the default state for case sensitivity and prioritised searches.

The Interrogate search window is dynamically resizeable, allowing users to alter the height and width of the results list, as required.


The entire Interrogate source code occupies 14.1K (plus a typical 14.4K of user instruction files), allowing for storage and accessibility on even the smallest and slowest media. Slow modem users accessing slow web sites are still able to load the applet at an acceptable speed. HTML pages can be stored, together with Interrogate, on a double density floppy disk - allowing for the cheap distribution of information to users of all platforms.

All files relating to the program (except the 2 Java class files) are tidily stored in a single directory, presenting the minimum obstruction to users loading files from disk.


Interrogate implements the Runnable Java utility to ensure that all file searching occurs in the background. Consequently, it is possible to open a page on the results list before the search is completed, and to alter the search criteria at any time.


Licensees can customise the appearance of Interrogate by adding to the HTML page which appears by clicking on 'About...'.

Interrogate is able to search any page which contains standard ASCII text. By providing users with plug-ins or updated browsers, it becomes just as easy to browse and search document formats other than HTML and text files.

Interrogate can integrate with frames within HTML pages, allowing for attractive and consistent incorporation within a frames-based environment.

A simple text file containing a list of filenames specifies the pages to be searched by the Interrogate search agent. By omitting irrelevant pages, or those of little use, searches can be conducted as swiftly as possible. Filenames are specified using relative paths, with respect to the location of the applet source code. Complete sites or collections of pages can thus be easily transported onto or between web servers, or between drives or directories on the local machine.

Featured in the Gamelan official Java directory and Jars Java Review Service.

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